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Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded Process Flow

LSAW (Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded Steel pipes) in leaflets plate as raw material, the steel plate in the mold or molding machine pressure (volume) into using double-sided submerged arc welding and flaring from production.
Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded carbon steel pipes
(LSAW Pipes)with JCOE forming mode
Roller Pipes Process Flow
Range of roller pipes: Outer diameter: Ф1200-3800mm  |  Wall thickness: 12-120mm  |  Unit length (max) 3.2m.
Roller Pipes Process Flow
27SiMn Thick walled pipe
27SiMn Thick walled pipe
16Mn Thick walled pipe
16Mn Thick walled pipe
Large-diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipe
Size:1120×120-150, 630-1000×40-100, 530-630×40-100, etc.
Material:10#, 20#, 35#, 45#, 16Mn, 27Simn, Alloy , etc.
More information for seamless pipes.

UOE (Uing and Oing forming) Pipes

UOE is a method used for production of longitudinally welded large diameter pipes. Longitudinal edges of steel plates are first beveled using carbide milling equipment. Beveled plates are then formed into a U shape using a U-press and subsequently into an O shape using an O-press. read more...
The UOE mill is the best suitable process to meet customers' requirements by virture of the characteristic of high production efficiency, stable product quality and various accessories for manufacturing and inspection.
Manufacturing Process:

UOE (Uing and Oing forming) Pipes

UOE mill adopts Uing and Oing forming, the formed pipes are welded inside by five internal welding stations with three wires for each weld,and welded outside by four external welding stations with three wires for each weld.
Throughput: 400,000 MT
Outside Diameter : Φ508-Φ1118mm (20"-44")
Wall Thickness : 6.4-25.4mm (1/4"-1")
Ouality Standards : API, BS, ASTM , JIS, DIN, GB , ISO, DNV
Length : 9-12.2m (30'-40')
Grades : GB/T9711 L190-L555 (API 5L A-X80)
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Manufacturing Process:
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