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Spiral Submerged-arc Welded steel pipe technological process

Spiral welded pipe production by submerged arc method is based on using tandem welding technique for joining inside and outside coil edges, which have been trimmed and beveled by carbide milling for high quality weld structure.
Spiral Seam Annealing Systems:

Thermatool designs and manufactures Spiral Seam Annealing systems for producers of SAW (submerged arc welded) API line pipe.

Offering all the basic features and benefits of Thermatool seam annealing systems designed for operation on longitudinally welded API pipe, Thermatool Spiral Seam Annealing systems, however, require the installation of specially “shaped” inductors. These are custom designed on CAD systems in order to precisely follow the helix angle for a specific pipe diameter.
Spiral Submerged-arc Welded steel pipe technological process
There are nine modernized product lines in our company with the yield capacity of 1000 thousands tons of B-X80 steel pipe of φ219-φ3200mm, WT5-30mm.
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