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Forge & Fittings distributors both domestic and foreign forged fittings and forged pipe fittings to complete your forge, flange and bar order. We distribute 1/2 ” thru 60” seamless and welded fittings and pipe for pipeline, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, petrochemical, and refinery applications.
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Let us get to know more about these froged fittings…

Pressure: 2000Lbs,3000Lbs,6000Lbs,9000Lbs
Specification :Elbow,Tee,Cross,Square plug,Hexgean Plug,Nipple,Cap,Coupling,Outlet for thread type and socket welding.

Delivery requirment:
Marking: fsapexsteel, material grade, standard, specification, heat no.
Surface Treatment: Bright annealed, polished outside and inside surface.
Package: Each pipe in a PVC bag and caps on both ends then bundled in wood case, (option: Bundle with knitted plastic bag/stee crate. )
Inspection: Third party inspection, or by clints

Forged Fittings and Pipe Materials
Carbon Steel SA234WPB,WPC, SA1068B/C, SA105, SA333, GR. 3&6, Sa350LF2, LF3, LF6
Duplex 2205(F51/60), 2507(F53)
Chrome Moly SA182, F1, F5, F5a, F9, F9l, F11, F12, F22
Stainless Steel 304/L/H, 316/L/H, 310, 317L, 321/H, 347/H, 410, 416, 420, 17-4, 440, Alloy 20, E52100
Nickel Alloys 200, 201, 400, K500, 600, 625, 800H/HT, 825, X-750, C276, Hastelloy B & C22

We are also China manufacturer, China supplier, China factory, China wholesale and China exporter because we are manufacturing in China our Forged Fittings, Stainless Fittings, Steel Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Elbow Fittings, Weld Fittings, High Pressure Fittings, Thread Fittings, Socket Weld, 3000 Fitting, which are made in China too. Also welcome to buy from China our pipe fittings.
Alloy steel is often subdivided into two groups: high alloy steels and low alloy steels. The difference between the two is defined somewhat arbitrarily.
Alloy steel is steel that is alloyed with a variety of elements....

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