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API 5L X70 (Q, M, QS, MS)steel pipe

API 5L X70 Pipe Specification

Standard and Grades: API 5L X70 (Q, M, QS, MS)
Product Specification Level: PSL1, PSL2, Sour Service
Manufacturing types: Seamless and welded
Outer Diameters: Seamless up to 24”, welded up to 48”
Thickness Schedule: up to SCH 160


API 5L X70 pipe is a premium grade piping material in API 5L standard specifications. Also called L485 pipe, as it’s yield strength minimum in 485 Mpa (70,300 psi). API 5L X70 covers manufacturing types in seamless and welded (ERW, SAW) types, both applied for oil and gas transmissions.

It contains two product specification levels PSL1, PSL2. (Including the material for sour services uses in PSL2)

Manufacturing Types

Seamless: Covers hot rolled seamless and cold drawn seamless.
ERW: Electric Resistance Welded
LSAW: Longitudinal Sub-merged Arc Welding
SSAW: Spiral Sub-merged Arc Welding
HSAW / DSAW: Same with SSAW for spiral welded pipe

Our Supply Range

Grade: API 5L X70 (Q, M, QS, MS)
Level: PSL1, PSL2, NACE and Sour Service (API 5L X70MS/QS)
OD range: Seamless up to 24 inch, welded up to 48 inch.
Wall Thickness Schedule: Schedule 20, SCH 40, SCH STD, SCH XS, SCH 80, SCH 120, SCH XXS, SCH 160
Length: 20ft (6m), 40ft (12m), SGL (Single Random Length), DRL (Double Random Length)
Pipe Coatings: Black Painting, Oil Varnished, FBE, 3PE, Lined and Clad

Suffix Letter Means

R: As rolled
N: Normalizing rolled, Normalized formed, Normalized
Q: Tempered and quenched
M: Thermomechanical rolled or thermomechanical formed
S: Sour Service Use


API 5L X70 steel pipe has a minimum yield strength of 70,300 psi or 485 Mpa. The current X70 steel pipe are all controlled micro-alloyed carbon-manganese steels. The micro-alloys elements are mainly Nb, V and Ti, and the total content of micro-alloys does not exceed 0.15%. Therefore, the structure of the pipe is composed of acicular ferrite and bainite, and it generally has good welding performances.


a. High strength
b. High resistance to dynamic tearing
c. High low temperature impact toughness
d. Low ductile-brittle transition temperature
e. Acid service suitability
f. Economy and long lasting

Its excellent performance is due to the ultra-low carbon acicular ferrite structure, high density dislocations interact with fine precipitation phases.

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