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API 5CT Casing and tubing accessory

API 5CT Casing and tubing accessory
one-piece tubular section used in a pipe string to provide mechanical and pressure integrity within the pipe string and facilitate the performance of some other function required of that pipe string
EXAMPLES Crossover connectors, swages, nipples, flow couplings, blast joints, etc.
NOTE Accessories exclude the other tubular products specifically defined in this International Standard or products included in other ISO (API) specifications.
threaded assembly of tubular components
controlled cooling
cooling from an elevated temperature in a pre-determined manner to avoid hardening, cracking or internal damage, or to produce a desired microstructure or mechanical properties
4.1.8 coupling
internally threaded cylinder for joining two lengths of threaded pipe
coupling blank
unthreaded material used to produce an individual coupling
coupling stock
seamless thick-wall tube or mechanical tube used for the manufacture of coupling blanks
imperfection of sufficient magnitude to warrant rejection of the product based on criteria defined in this International Standard
electric-welded pipe
pipe having one longitudinal seam formed by electric-resistance or electric-induction welding, without the addition of filler metal, wherein the edges to be welded are mechanically pressed together and the heat for welding is generated by the resistance to flow of electric current
handling tight
sufficiently tight that the coupling cannot be removed except by the use of a wrench
metal produced by a single cycle of a batch melting process
Copyright American Petroleum Institu te Reproduced by IHS under license with API
API Specification 5CT / ISO 11960
heat analysis
chemical analysis representative of a heat as reported by the metal producer
discontinuity in the product wall or on the product surface that can be detected by a NDE method included in Table C.62 or Table E.62 of this International Standard
4.1.17 inspection
process of measuring, examining, testing, gauging or otherwise comparing a unit of product with the applicable requirements
inspection lot
definite quantity of product manufactured under conditions that are considered uniform for the attribute to be inspected
inspection lot sample
one or more units of product selected from an inspection lot to represent that inspection lot
inspection lot size
number of units of product in an inspection lot
interrupted quenching
quenching in which the pipe being quenched is removed from the quenching medium while the pipe is at a temperature substantially higher than that of the quenching medium
4.1.22 label 1
dimensionless designation for the size or specified outside diameter that may be used when ordering pipe
4.1.23 label 2
dimensionless designation for the mass per unit length that may be used when ordering pipe
4.1.24 length
piece of casing pipe that may be plain-end, threaded, or threaded and coupled, that is in accordance with the range requirements in Table C.30 or Table E.30 of this International Standard
linear imperfection
imperfection which includes, but is not limited to, seams, laps, cracks, plug scores, cuts and gouges NOTE See API Std 5T1.
one or more of the following, depending on the context: pipe mill; processor; threader; coupling manufacturer, pup-joint manufacturer; accessory manufacturer
NOTE See Clause 14.
Copyright American Petroleum Institute Reproduced by IHS under license with API

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