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China seamless steel pipe technology to achieve world class

China seamless steel pipe technology to achieve world class breakthrough, Baosteel first trial industrial application
Dagong news (reporter Yu Jialin Shenyang) China's first sets both the final cooling temperature control accurate and direct quenching function of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe cooling equipment in Baosteel (600019) days before the implementation of mass production. By rolling and automation of Northeastern University State Key Laboratory of research and development of this technology, break through the bottleneck of development of the global steel industry holding for a long time, after 2 years of development, 3 years of collaborative innovation and research, will have an important impact on the steel industry joint penetration into all areas of the national economy rolled, Baosteel has thus become the world the first to master the controlled cooling technology and put into industrial application of enterprises. The future, this technology will also help China's oil, natural gas and other energy and military technology development to provide basic materials for higher performance, save cost and green emission reduction and substitution effect of alloying elements.
The day before, the rolling and automation of Northeastern University State Key Laboratory of Professor Yuan Guo research team completed the hot-rolled seamless steel tube on-line cooling equipment and automation control system in Baosteel successfully completed the functional assessment, to achieve the desired goals.
Yuan said in an interview with this reporter, "seamless steel pipe has an important strategic significance in Chinese industry history, widely used in transportation, steel structure construction of venues to petroleum and energy power plants, ships and other military equipment and military life, from the living water," he said, the successful development of this technology the development prospect of the steel industry wide, especially in the future to develop more high strength and toughness of steel equipment, to improve the exploitation of oil and natural gas and marine engineering, engineering machinery and other equipment, strong toughness and corrosion resistance will be a breakthrough, not only can replace high cost, or even rely on imports to improve the properties of alloy elements, it can realize energy saving and emission reduction, hot rolling process of seamless steel tube in green and low carbon.
Remarkable achievements in energy saving and consumption reduction
Seamless steel pipe is one of the important raw materials for national economic construction. China is the biggest country of hot-rolled seamless steel tube production and consumption, but the product performance regulation process means a single, meet the relevant mechanical properties depend on the alloying elements and off-line heat treatment process, product homogeneity, high cost, high energy consumption, long production cycle. It has become an important problem for the industry in the last 20 years to realize the key technical breakthrough, improve the production efficiency and save energy and reduce consumption. Many domestic and foreign research institutions and related enterprises have repeatedly launched basic research and technology research, eventually due to uneven cooling cooling, insufficient strength, steel after cold bending deformation and failure, so that the technology in the industrial application of the world previously is still blank.
In order to break through the plight of the industry, rolling and automation of Northeastern University State Key Laboratory of Professor Yuan team to rely on the original leading plate homogeneous cooling technology, and in-depth cooperation with Baosteel, enterprise of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production line, after several technical research, finally developed the first realization of hot rolling seamless steel tube online control cooling equipment platform precise industrialization the temperature control, and realize the heat load test success in April 2016, and the cold after the high precision temperature control, uniform cooling, cold steel tube well. After calculation, the cost per ton of steel is reduced by more than RMB 200 yuan, and the energy consumption is decreased by more than 20%.
At present, Baosteel has been using the equipment and technology of hot rolling seamless steel tube production accumulated more than 6 tons, significantly improve product performance, process reduction effect is remarkable, for the further construction of China's hot rolling seamless steel tube advanced technology development platform and technology progress is of great significance. According to reports, in the future, the technology will also explore big data solutions to adapt to intelligent development

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