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JCOE (J-ing, C-ing and O-ing) Pipes

The mill adopts continuous axis contorting J-C-O(J-ing, C-ing and O-ing)process with characteristics of high forming accuracy and efficiency as well as balanced distribution of forming stress.
JCOE manufacturing technology is developed in the 1990s as a pipe forming process, the process of molding process is the first major steel mill edge (or planing) after pre-bending by longitudinal side, and then type → J-→ C O-order molding, stamping each step are the basic principles of three-point bending. Because it is a progressive multi-pass pressing, it must address the following questions: how to determine the die shape, the upper die and lower die stroke distance, and how much press pass in order to ensure the most appropriate bend radius and the best opening round hair tube.

But these issues with the steel plate, steel plants of different mechanical properties of concrete, pipe size (diameter and wall thickness), which in turn is very complex. Currently mainly by "trial and error", that is, whenever replacement or new steel specifications, we take a certain number of sample pressure test, worked out the right amount of punch. Trial and error method is more reliable, but the efficiency is relatively low.

Throughput: 300,000 MT
Outside Diameter :Φ406-Φ1829mm (16"-72")
Wall Thickness :6.0-25.4mm (1/4"-1")
Ouality Standards :API, BS, ASTM , JIS, DIN, GB , ISO, DNV
Length :3-12.2m (10'-40')
Grades :GB/T9711 L190-L555(API 5L A-X80)

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