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CNG High Pressure Tube

CNG High pressure pipeline is smooth and treated by acid.Each batch of high pressure pipe is carried out hydraulic test, flattening test, flaring test, intergranular corrosion test according to GB / T 14975-2002 standards.
CNG High Pressure Tube
CNG High Pressure Tube
CNG High Pressure Tube
Raw material: Seamless Steel Tubes with galvanized & PVC coating
Standard: DIN 2391

Geometrical Properties:
OD=6mm, Thickness=1mm, Length=6000mm.

Mechanical Properties:
Tensile Strength=310-410 Mpa(N/mm2)
Min Yield Strength=205 Mpa (N/mm2)
Min Elongation of fracture= 28%

Chemical Composition (%):
C:0.15 max Mn: 0.60 max Si: 0.30 max
P:0.025max S: 0.025 max

Wall Thickness: 2mm to 10mm or more

Working Capacity: 25000-35000cbm

One major application of these tubes is in CNG cars, delivering the gas from cylinder to the engine. They are are mostly applied in automobiles.

Normal utilization pressure: 25-35MPa (250-350kg)
Most burst pressure: 154MPa
Bending Torsion: <=2N.M

Mechanical functions:
Good curvature machining property;
Highest blasting press;
Thickness is uniform with PVC;
Good binding force;
Products quality have reach international advanced level.
Size 8x1mm is also available.

CNG High Pressure Tube, CNG steel tubes, CNG gas tube

Payment: T/T and L/C or negotiation

Packaging: Bundle,bulk in container or as per requirements.

Painting: as requested.

Protection: supply varnish coating, bevel end, plastic cap.

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